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Multi-Pronged Alert to Area Parents Spells Doom for GSA Club

By Jim Brown
February 28, 2005 (AgapePress)

A Christian parent in Oklahoma has been successful in his effort to get a Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) club banned from his son's school.

When David Williams of Lawton learned that students at Eisenhower High School were attempting to form a GSA club, he sprang into action. Williams, who felt parents had been kept in the dark about the club forming on campus, made known his concerns about the club to the local newspaper, a local television station, and Dan Allen of KVRS Radio, a Christian radio station in Lawton.

To Williams' delight, the student body rejected the GSA by voting it down shortly after the recent Christmas break.

"To make a long story short, after hundreds of e-mails, phone calls, prayers -- [and] actually getting some ex-gay literature through churches into the hands of students at the school ... it was voted down by the students," he says. "We have to praise the Lord for that."

Williams, who is the mid-Oklahoma representative for Christian Educators Association International, has developed a ten-step plan to deal with homosexual activism in schools. The plan mirrors the actions he took to block the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) from infiltrating his son's Lawton high school. He says his son urged him to go public with his concerns about the Gay Straight Alliance club.

"I approached it from an equal access [perspective]," Williams explains. "If they were going to promote one view of the gay agenda and not include the ex-gay agenda -- which means that people can change [their sexual orientation] -- then that would be unfair."

Williams adds that Dan Allen, the KVRS station manager, was also instrumental in shutting down the GSA by airing several public service announcements to inform parents about the homosexual club. According to American Family Radio, the network of which KVRS is a part, the Lawton station's 1,000-watt signal reaches a potential of 93,000 people in the area, including the Fort Sill Army base. Lawton is about 85 miles southwest of Oklahoma City.