PFOX Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays

A Daily Prayer

Father, in the Precious Name of Your Son Jesus, I come, first of all with a heart of thanksgiving, for the sacrifices you made at Calvary for us all. It is because of your living, your suffering, your dying and your resurrection that we are able to claim redemption today. Father, I want to thank you for the awesome change you have wrought in MY life. How you allowed me to survive while I was trapped under the deception of homosexuality, that it even resembled ‘life’. Lord, thank you for how you protected me all those years, for how you provided for me and healed my body even though I was so lost. Thank you, Lord, for how you loved me anyway and how you NEVER let me out of your site. And most of all, Lord, I thank you for how you spoke to my heart one Tuesday morning and called me to come out from among them, to begin this joyous journey of your tremendous salvation. Thank you Jesus! Thank you for your gifts and for this ministry to teach and to love those who, like I once did, walk outside of your will with regard to homosexuality. Thank you for choosing me to share the truth of your rewards of eternal life through your son, Jesus, but also to warn about the consequences of rejecting the truth of your Word and your divine order.

Lord, look on those whose hearts have been blinded by the darkness of this world. Lord we ask for your mercy for gays and non-gays alike who have heard and believed a lie against you, causing them to err. Lord I pray for your Holy Spirit to use everything I have and to use the lives of other believers to throw down the stronghold of this lie regarding men and women having been ‘born gay.’ Lord place a seed of desire deep within the hearts of my brothers and sisters to begin to call into question this lie against them and you. God, cause them to know that before you even created the world, that you intended for a man and a woman to be united in holiness, and that this HOLY order, pleases you.

God, have mercy on us and give us wisdom to know how to minister to those who have believed this lie. Teach us, Oh God, what to say when the opportunity arises. Give us grace and most of all let us show love to every individual, save or unsaved, gay or non-gay, that they may see you in us. Lord, I especially thank you today for those who have experienced deliverance from sexual sin, that you would grant them a holy boldness to be a witness for you; to stand and be an epistle of CHANGE. God, I thank you for those who you are calling out of homosexuality everyday! Thank you Jesus for keeping your promise that if we simply LIFT YOU UP, that you would draw all men unto you. Thank you Jesus, that when we don’t know what else to do, ALL we NEED to do is LOVE THEM and LIFT YOU!

Lord, I ask you to touch someone, right now. Someone is tired of living a gay life and wants a fresh start and a new life. Someone is ready to surrender their all to you. Lord received them now. Renew him; restore her, in the name of Jesus. Father as they make this decision to turn away from sin, we ask you to strengthen their new MIND, as they walk with you. Father, wash them in your blood, as you have done for me. Lord wash them so that we won’t even recognized their old ‘selves’. Thank you for you giving such beauty in exchange for our ashes—Thank you Lord, we believe it is done—this new heart, this change of mind, this NEW life--, we believe it in our hearts and we will, from this moment on, confess your death and resurrection to someone, everyday, with our mouths.

Lord, I lift up the parents and loved ones of gays and lesbians all over the world. Father, they are hurting and their hearts are broken. We ask you, Holy Spirit, to comfort them. Lord let them, even by my testimony of change, be encouraged. Bring peace to their hearts, by making them to know that you have their loved one under your divine protection. Give these mothers and fathers and siblings and friends the grace they will need to endure as you hold & draw that loved one. Lord, restore love and connection between that father and his son. Lord, dry the tears of that mother grieving the loss of who she hoped her daughter would become. Lord, forgive any parent whatever needs to be forgiven and give them the grace and courage to reach out and embrace and love their children JUST AS THEY ARE, knowing that You Lord, are STILL in the ‘saving’ business, you are STILL in the miracle working business and that you alone have the power to change even the most stubborn hearts and minds.

Father, I lift up the church in prayer today. Lord, you so clearly built your church, your body of believers—upon your holy Word, but the gates of Hell continue to release false prophets against us and the enemy continues to blind many of our leaders. Lord, encourage the church. You promised that the enemy would not prevail! Lord, we throw down even the idea of ‘gay’ Christianity. Lord, forgive our leaders who know the truth but allow themselves to be manipulated by the politics and powers of darkness. Lord, raise up a new nation of leaders in your church who will obey you without compromise; who will sincerely love and welcome every soul, but who will stand and proclaim the gospel of truth. Lord forgive and restore, if it is you will, those leaders who have erred against you. Lord, send a fresh anointing, and renewed strength for those you have chosen to carry this gospel forward. Encourage their hearts, supply their needs, and allow them to see the fruits of their labor, for we know that in you, we do not labor in vain.

Lord we ask every blessing in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Charlene E. Cothran Ministries
Copyright May 3, 2007