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Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX) is aware of the following resources for those struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions, and for their families & friends.  PFOX does not endorse any resource, they are for informational purposes only:

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PFOX sponsors an e-mail discussion group at Yahoo Groups comprised of parents, friends, and spouses of strugglers, as well as ex-gays.  You can just read the email postings or join in the discussion at any time with your particular day to day hopes and struggles.  To join, send a blank e-mail to:

Download PFOX brochures, flyers and posters for distribution to public schools, churches, universities, libraries, exhibit booths, counselor’s officers, diversity centers, and anywhere you see gay literature.  Inclusion of the ex-gay message is the way to spread the word that change is possible and tolerance for ex-gays.  PFOX brochures are appropriate for secular settings too.   See for yourself at

PFOX’s ex-gay speakers are available for local events, schools, conferences and church engagements.  Whether you are looking to address the origin of homosexuality, or an encouraging testimony of overcoming homosexuality, PFOX can help! 

College and High School Students!  Students, teachers and administrators can distribute ex-gay brochures on campus, request ex-gays speakers for events and diversity programs, hang ex-gay posters around school, place ex-gay books in the school library, create safe places for those who support alternatives to homosexuality, initiate ex-gay forums and school programs, post ex-gay links on the school website, and place brochures in campus centers, counselor’s offices or diversity departments. Contact PFOX at and let us know what you’re interested in doing so we can send you the appropriate materials and help.  Also be sure to take a look at our student brochures at and invite an ex-gay speaker to your club or school at

Interested in starting an Ex-Gays & Friends Club at your high school or college?  Some clubs are started as conservative student clubs which include the ex-gay perspective.  We can help you start those too!  Check out how at

If you are a parent, sibling, or friend of someone in homosexuality, check out  to see if there is a local PFOX support group in your area.  If you would like to start a PFOX support group, please fill out the application at  

Want to volunteer for PFOX and work to advance the ex-gay community? Please fill out our volunteer application at

Ex-Gay Resources

Ex-Gay Ministries and Organizations that reach out to strugglers (Christian ministries)  (Christian, African-American, Jewish, scientific, therapy & secular) (mentor program)   (ex-gay African-Americans)  (Sexaholics Anonymous for local meetings)  (for wives of men with same-sex attractions) (worldwide therapy) (therapy) (Christian counseling) (Live Hope Ministry offers separate discussion forums for teens, single women, single men, married men, or married women. Register and join the particular forum that applies to your situation.)  (Genesis Biblical Counseling -- Former homosexual Joe Dallas provides pastoral phone counseling to clients around the world.)

Ex-gay websites:  (for children with homosexual parents) (parents of an ex-gay child)  (Books by ex-gay African-Americans) (Gay Christian Watch)

For Young people:

Read Diary of an Ex-Gay Man at  (bullying)  (for children of sperm sellers)   (bullying brochure)


Links for Gender Identity Disorder:  (Scroll down to resources on Gender Identity Disorder)  

TR lawrence shame & narcissistic rage.pdf

Spanish language websites: (Catholic)   (brochures in Spanish)

PFOX (Padres y amigos de Ex-Gays y Gays) ofrece un foro de discusión on-line en Yahoo Groups en . Los miembros que componen este foro son personas que tratan de lidiar con una homosexualidad no deseada, aunque mayormente lo componen familiares y amigos de éstos. A través del mail, los miembros del foro se comprometen a apoyarse diariamente los unos a los otros. Así que se puede participar en el foro (o bien) simplemente leyendo los mensajes que se envían o bien tomando parte en la discusión mediante comentarios de las propias luchas y esperanzas del día a día. ¡Te invitamos a unirte a nosotros! Si quieres participar en el foro, envía un email en blanco a la siguiente dirección, asegurándote bien de que los caracteres de la dirección son los correctos:



Articles translated into many different languages


European Christian ministries


World Wide Ministries


Liberty Ministries-Australia

Australia based support group helping those with SSA and gender confusion



Finnish Ministry for Homosexuals


"Courage (Valor)"
Courage es un apostolado de la Iglesia Católica cuyo propósito es ministrar a aquellos con atracciones hacia el mismo sexo y a sus seres queridos.


"Courage -The Philippines"
This is the Philippine chapter of the internationally-known organization "Courage", a support group of Catholics experiencing samesex attraction.


"Ex Gay Hong Kong"
New Creation Association is an ex gay ministry run by Kelvin & Tammy Chung


"Ex Gay Malaysia"


"Ex Gay- France"
Le site Oser en Parler traite en majeure partie de l'homosexualité, mais aussi de la pornographie et des dépendances, qu'elles soient le fait de personnes hétéro, bi ou homosexuelles.


"Exodus Latinoamérica"
Exodus Latinoamérica es el brazo latinoamericano de Exodus Global Alliance, organización cristiana dedicada a proveer herramientas para comunicar efectivamente el mensaje de liberación de la homosexualidad a través del poder transformador de Jesucristo.


Capacitación a pastores y laicos para consejería a personas con problemas de homosexualidad y lesbianismo, talleres mensuales de capacitación, intercesión, asesoría espiritual, Congreso bianual de Redención Sexual.


Dutch equivalent to Exodus International


Grupos de Contra la Corriente y Aguas Vivas, dirigido a personas con quebrantamiento sexual y relacional, capacitación de líderes


"Restoring Wholeness -South Africa"
a cross-cultural, interdenominational ministry aimed at addressing sexual and relational issues. Our aim is toward Christians who are struggling with sexual problems, especially homosexuality (but not exclusively), as well as training the Church on how to deal with these problems.


André Bekker

New Living Way Ministry

Mobile: +27 (0)71 326 8034

Office: +27 (0)11 394 3031

Fax: +27 (0)86 624 9748




"Til Helhet -Norwegian"
Norwegian equivalent to Exodus International


"True freedom Trust-England"
True freedom Trust is a Christian support and teaching ministry for men and women who accept the Bible's prohibition of homosexual practice and yet are aware of homosexual tendencies, or struggle with other sexual and relational issues


Hombres y mujeres con conflictos de identidad sexual, apoyo a familiares y amigos, psicoterapia, consejería, grupos de aopyo, estudios bíblicos, cursos de capacitación, psicoterapia grupal y de pareja.


Der Neue Weg -Germany
"Der Neue Weg" ist eine Initiative von Betroffenen für Betroffene. Er hilft, begegnet oder informiert Menschen, die Probleme mit ihrer Sexualität und sexuellen Identität haben (z.B. Homosexualität, Bisexualität u.a.) und von sich aus Veränderung suchen, oder sich darüber Gedanken machen wollen.


Julio Severo's Blog-Brazil
a Brazilian Christian leader who has endured persecution from the homosexual movement there (both christian and political) for speaking out against the aggression and suppression tactics in his native country


Living Waters Europe
a part of Living Waters International. LWE seeks to enable the church, across the denominations to apply the transforming power of the Gospel into the area of relationships and gender




Sanador herido -Blog de Venezuela


Sexualität & Identität-Germany
Dies ist eine geschichtliche und strafrechtliche


PFOX -- Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays

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P.S.  This list is provided for information purposes only – PFOX does not endorse any of the above resources or organizations.  If you find that any of the above phone numbers, e-mail addresses, or web sites don't work, please send us an email at so we can update our list of resources.